Curzio Research presents

The internet was once an incomprehensible idea. 

Now it’s something we take for granted. 

You’re here because you know the creation of the metaverse is something just as huge – probably huger – and you want to be a part of it. 

I do too.

This is a defining moment.

An event that will mark our social evolution. 

A chance for anyone to be, do, say, create, whatever they want… in a brand new world. 

A chance for people young and old to make life-changing money. 

A chance for people to finally have freedom. 

But what the F*CK is it?!

The Metaverse Movie explores the metaverse through the voices of the people building it… the people using it… the people imagining all the places it can go… 

My name is Frank Curzio. 

I’ve been telling the stories behind the world’s most fascinating developments for nearly 30 years… 

As an independent researcher, writer, #1 ranked podcast host, and financial analyst. 

From the early days of the internet to today – the most transformative innovation I’ve ever seen.

But what is the metaverse anyway? 

Let’s find out.

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